Sir Knights & Ladies of the 5th. Ontario District,

From the Masters Desk:
Have you noticed what is happening in the district? We are on track! 

May I take this opportunity to jog your memories and remind members the 4th degree within of the 5th Ontario District of our responsibility to see that we further the mission of our degree which is “Religiously Devoted and Patriotically Proud” and secondly, our vision,

One Uniform, One Ceremonial and One Drill Manual”.

We do profess to be defenders of the Church and it is important that we look and act in that manner. As Knights we must be positive in our outlook. It is not unacceptable for any of us to profess that we cannot meet our objectives without making the effort and trying new methods.

It is unacceptable to say we can’t grow the Order, or form new Assemblies, without trying every alternative.

Keeping this in mind the Provincial theme for the next two years will be

Achieving Starts with Believing”!

Unless we have a positive mindset toward our goals we are defeated before we start. Pope Francis asks us to “Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world”. In the spirit of the Holy Father and at the request of the Vice Supreme Master I am asked for you to find new ways to spread the word of the 4th Degree to every 3rd Degree Knight in the Province and our 5th Ontario District.

Fraternally Yours,

Peter H.

District Master  SK. W. Peter Harding

Fourth Degree K of C 5th Ontario District

Cardinal McGuigan Province

Look for November Exemplification documents. 

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5th Ontario District Colour Corps
London 2017