Fourth Degree K of C 5th Ontario District

Cardinal McGuigan Province

5th Ontario District New Sir Knights

London 2017

5th Ontario District Exemplification Corps Team

Faithful Friar: Rev Fr & SK. Eugene Roy, E.V. (Assembly #1789) Tecumseh

District Master: SK. R.A. (Reg) Campbell, FDD, PGK, PFN (Assembly #2355) Amherstburg

Historian (Team Captain): SK. Peter Hensel, FDD, PGK, PFN (Assembly #2600) Wallaceburg

Defender of the Faith: SK. Vince Molloy, FDD, PGK (Assembly #2335) Ingersoll

Expositor of the Constitution: SK. Daniel Gimpel, FIC, EPC, CPCA (Assembly #0885) Sarnia

Narrator: SK. Mark Roehler, FDD, PGK, PFN (Assembly #0885) Sarnia

Registrar: SK. Greg Barr, PGK (Assembly #2600) Wallaceburg

Audio Director: SK. Gord Edwards, GK, FDD, PFN (Assembly #2097) Belle River

Video Director/Equipment: SK. David Gelinas, State Warden, FDD, PGK, PFN(Assembly #2355) Amherstburg

Asst Video Director/Equipment: SK. Joe Legue, PFN (Assembly #0867) Chatham

Marshall of the District: SK. Gord Edwards, GK, FDD, PFN (Assembly #2097) Belle River

District Marshall: SK. Philip Bezaire, PGK, PFN (#2600) Wallaceburg

District Marshall: SK. Paul Johnston, FN, FDD, PGK (#0867) Chatham